How Do I Choose a Dentist Near Me?

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A dentist is sort of like a teacher. What they do is immensely important to your life, but it’s easy to forget that choosing the right one matters.  Mouth pain is one of those feelings you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, and the treatment of oral ailments requires lots of schooling and training for that reason. As veritable doctors for the mouth, dentists are the only people who can truly help with issues like gingivitis, impacted teeth, and more. Which means dentists hold a lot of power. Naturally it would follow that you want those people who – in […]

10 Tips – At-Home Toothache Remedies for When the Dentist Isn’t Around

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Toothaches are a part of life. Just about everyone gets them because just about everyone has some sort of dental issue, including increased sensitivity. A toothache is often caused by bacteria infecting an area of a tooth or the gums around it. It can be caused by tartar and plaque buildup, irritation from smoking and drinking acidic liquids, and not brushing often enough.  Anytime you have a toothache, you should consult your local dentist. But, we’re not always available for you – especially after hours – so many people find themselves dealing with toothaches morning, noon, and night.  Home remedies […]

How You Can Be a Dentist in Australia

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So you think you want to be a dentist in Australia?  Being a dentist means understanding how oral health impacts overall health and wellness. In our world of ever-deepening understanding about the body and infection, there is no other way of thinking that will suit anyone thinking about becoming a dentist.  If you think you want to be a dentist in Australia, here’s a quick look at what the process looks like. You’ll have to do two things: Enrol at an Australian University with a Faculty offering a Dentist Degree, Graduate with a degree allowing dental practice, Register with the […]

Is It OK to Go to the Dentist While Pregnant?

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You have a bouncing baby girl or boy on the way, but you need to go to the dentist. Many expectant mothers wonder whether it is OK to go to the dentist while pregnant. Considering all the different treatments and medications that you can use for various dental conditions – and the fact that unborn children are sensitive to almost everything a mother does – it’s a valid concern. After reading this piece, you’ll understand better whether it’s safe to go to the dentist while pregnant. We’ll cover regular dental checkups while pregnant, using medications for dental procedures while pregnant, […]

Sleep Troubles: How Your Dentist Can Help With Sleep Disorders

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Did You Know Your Dentist Can Help With Sleep Disorders? Need one more reason why visiting the dentist regularly is a good idea? Here you go: according to new research, your tongue and tonsils can provide important information about your sleep habits. This means that your dentist could be the first to catch a previously unnoticed, yet potentially dangerous, condition like sleep apnea. What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, occurs when the upper part of your airways becomes blocked. Breathing will stop and start throughout the night, depriving you of good sleep. In less severe cases, this leads […]

5 Reasons to See Your Dentist More Than Twice a Year

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Though bi-annual dental checkups have become the accepted norm, this figure is not—it may surprise you to learn—based on a history of scientific evidence. In fact, the “twice a year” recommendation owes its existence to advertising; during the 1950’s, a toothpaste company called Pepsodent ran an ad which suggested visiting the dentist twice per year to attain optimal dental health. Because modern medicine was still in its relative infancy then, professionals largely complied with this suggestion as it seemed sufficient to prevent serious dental problems in most people. However, today we know that dental care, like health care, must be […]

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