New Patient Exam

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What to expect on your first dental new patient exam visit

Your first visit will include a complete dental exam. This way we are able to diagnose your dental needs, discuss your goals and discuss how we might fulfil them. Dr Rourke will examine your mouth for the cause of a toothache, bleeding gums or bad breath. A referral will probably be arranged for an OPG x-ray of all of your teeth, the tooth roots and their bone support which is recommended by the American Dental Association every two years. If you have had any dental x-rays taken recently, please bring them with you.

This includes;

  • Comprehensive Initial Examination of the teeth
  • Scaling, cleaning and polishing
  • Oral Hygiene instruction (shows where you are missing and how to do better)
  • Dietary Advice – Avoiding foods that cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath
  • A comprehensive examination of tooth-supporting structures – Gum Health
  • Intra-oral mucosal screening and oral cancer examination
  • Head and Neck Cancer examination – lumps, bumps and asymmetries

Additionally, we provide each check-up patient with a complimentary Oral Hygiene Kit which includes;

  • An Oral B Electric Toothbrush head
  • Piksters toothpicks in four sizes
  • A floss bow and
  • A tongue scraper
  • Mini-Traveller Toothpaste

Phone one of the Dental Assistants for further information.

The office phone number is 65836111

For those patients who have had regular dental care, a routine exam and cleaning will probably be performed on your first visit. This appointment will take approximately 20 minutes for adults or children. If any signs of periodontal disease are present, then a more comprehensive examination and treatment plan may be needed. The details of this periodontal program will be discussed before we start any treatment.


Payment Plan Options

In payment, we accept all major health funds, HICAPS, Cash, Visa or Mastercard for payment.

We always endeavour to make your dental appointment as pleasant an experience as possible.

Dentistry now offers many new opportunities for improved health and function that were not available just a few years ago. Please do not ever hesitate to ask about anything you do not understand. You will be dealing with the members of a team whose primary goal is to serve you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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