Laser Cavity Finder

Diagnodent is a dental technology that helps dentists and hygienists identify small cavities early on. This helps to identify tooth decay that otherwise would be missed. Typically dental examinations for tooth decay are done visually with tools known as explorers. You know the one, the scary thing that looks like a sharp pick. There’s nothing scary at all about them in reality. Unfortunately, if explorers are used alone they can fail to detect the smallest early cavities.

Only a Diagnodent can help to diagnose the first signs of decay that are inside the tooth so that your dentist can fill the cavity early on while it still only requires minimally invasive treatment. Dental explorers and visual examination find cavities on the surface of the tooth. X-rays can find cavities that are between the teeth, but the red light cavity finder known as Diagnodent can help to find cavities located inside the tooth. Finding and treating tooth decay early on is the key to reducing the damage to your tooth.

Diagnodent works by scanning the surface of the tooth with a red light beam. The teeth then reflect near-infrared light back when the Diagnodent encounters tooth decay. This near-infrared light is reflected back to the handpiece, and translated to a digital reading which indicates the extent of the tooth decay. In general, the higher the reading that the Diagnodent indicates, then the more tooth decay there is.

Ask us about the Diagnodent at your next appointment. Being scanned with a red light cavity finder is the first and best measure for the early detection of cavities, which can be treated before your tooth is at risk for more extensive and costly treatments.

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Author; Dr Jeremy Rourke, B.D.S. Hons. Syd Univ. Dental Surgeon

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