Why Are Mouth Cancer Rates on the Rise in the UK?

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The group Cancer Research UK released some troubling news recently. Oral cancer rates have increased over the last two decades, according to their analysis. And the rate of increase isn’t small — oral cancers are now 68 percent more common than they were just 20 years ago. Researchers are now devoting their resources to figuring out what’s to blame for this drastic uptick in mouth cancer occurrences, what can be done to reign these numbers in, and how to improve oral cancer survival rates. What is Oral Cancer? The terms oral cancer and mouth cancer refer to any cancer that […]

Smoking and Bacteria: How Cigarettes Can Give Germs Super Strength

  • Smoking and Bacteria: How Cigarettes Can Give Germs Super Strength

The list of reasons to avoid smoking just keeps getting longer and longer, and a 2016 study conducted by the University of Louisville has just added one more. Smoking has long been known to have an adverse effect on oral health, but scientists are still uncovering the many ways tobacco impacts our bodies. The latest finding connects tobacco use with the formation of biofilms. A “biofilm” is when a group of microorganisms collect on a surface and then begin to stick together, forming a coating that can cover biological or non-living surfaces alike. When biofilms form in our mouths, they’re […]

Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth: E-Cigarettes and Dental Health

  • Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth

Is Harmful to Your Teeth and Overall Oral Health? As the use of e-cigarettes, or “vaping,” grows in popularity, many are hailing it as the healthier alternative to smoking. Plenty of former smokers have kicked the tobacco habit by switching to vaping. People are buying expensive vapes and liquid in an endless range of flavors to get in on the hot new trend — even some who never smoked cigarettes. With the trend here to stay, former smokers and vapers everywhere are wondering, “Is vaping bad for your teeth?” or at least as less bad for your teeth than smoking. So far, […]

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