Choosing an Oral Surgeon in Port Macquarie: What You Need to Know

  • Oral Surgeons

You’ve noticed your teeth and even your jaw, have been hurting lately, especially at night. Before the pain gets worse, you know before long that it probably needs to be looked at by your regular dentist. However, is a trip to the dentist going to be enough or should you see an oral specialist? More importantly, how do you even find out? Ahead, we’ll discuss what you need to know about oral surgery and choosing an oral surgeon in Port Macquarie. What is Oral Surgery? Oral surgery pertains to any surgery that is performed in and around the mouth and […]

Substance or Drug Abuse and Oral Health: How Drugs Harm Your Teeth

  • drug use and oral health

Substance abuse impacts our bodies in many ways — none of them positive. In addition to poorly affecting the liver, heart, lungs and skin, oral health can suffer severely as a consequence of heavy drug use. There are a thousand reasons to avoid drug use, but knowing what drugs do to your teeth should be a strong deterrent for anyone considering it. For active addicts, it’s important to get help now and begin the recovery process to prevent further damage to teeth and gums. Addicts less likely to seek dental health care The simplest reason that many drug users suffer […]

Oral Piercings and Dental Hygiene

  • dental health and oral piercings

Though fads and styles come and go, oral piercings remain a popular alternative style choice. Lip piercings, tongue piercings and cheek piercings are the most common, but it’s safe to say that any spot that can be pierced has been by someone — including under the tongue, inside the lips, and even the uvula! When deciding whether or not to get a piercing, most people consider the appearance, pain level, maintenance and price. However, dentists are speaking out and urging oral piercing enthusiasts to also take their dental health into consideration. When thinking about oral piercings, dental hygiene might not […]

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