Dental Bridges

Considering Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges can restore your chewing power after you have lost some of your own natural teeth. You use your teeth to do more than you think, you use them to eat, but also to smile, and speak. If you are missing any of your teeth, these simple tasks can become difficult or even embarrassing. When it comes to one or more missing teeth, dental bridges can be the solution. At Star Dental we more than understand how painfully embarrassing and uncomfortable missing teeth can be. Let us help you get your dream smile back!

dental bridges

Are There Different Types of Dental Bridges?

Bridges come in two forms, those that are fixed, and those that are removable. Fixed bridges are affixed to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or missing teeth. On the other hand, removable bridges can be taken out as you wish for cleaning.  While removable bridges can sometimes be less expensive, they are often less stable. If you are missing one or more of your teeth, contact us today to find out whether a fixed bridge or a removable bridge is the best solution for your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Bridges are advantageous for a number of reasons. Firstly they are used to help make chewing properly possible and restoring the appearance of your smile. Sometimes missing teeth can cause issues speaking, and dental bridges can help to remedy these issues. Bridges also help to maintain the proper shape of your face and help to ensure your remaining teeth do not move out of place.

What Happens When You Get a Dental Bridge?

During your first visit preparations for the surrounding teeth will be made to ready for the dental bridge. This preparation usually consists of reshaping the tooth to accommodate the crown. Then your doctor will create impressions of your teeth that will aid in creating the bridge. Your doctor will also create a temporary bridge during this first visit that will be in place until you return.

During your second visit, the bridge will have come back from the lab and will be ready to be placed. The fit will be carefully checked, before being cemented into place.

Do Dental Bridges Last for Life?

Dental Bridges do not last a lifetime, they generally need to be replaced at some point. Depending on the case, a dental bridge can last as long as 15 years. Having regular checkups and cleanings is essential to keeping your bridge lasting the longest it can.

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Author; Dr Jeremy Rourke, B.D.S. Hons. Syd Univ. Dental Surgeon

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