Dental Sealants

When you were a kid, getting a cavity was just part of life. You ate candy, perhaps didn’t brush, and maybe didn’t even floss. Times have changed significantly for the better and your children don’t have to live with the discomfort of cavities in most cases. Even with the most careful of oral hygiene routines, brushing and flossing every day might not prevent tooth decay in your children’s teeth and even adult teeth. While brushing and flossing can’t prevent tooth decay dental sealants can help to significantly reduce the risk of significant tooth decay. This procedure is quick, painless and best of all its easy and affordable, especially when compared to the cost of what happens if tooth decay is not prevented.  Tooth decay, what dealings protect against can lead to root canals, abscesses, and even the need for total extraction, or crowns.

the procedure involves the application of a sealant solution directly on the chewing surface of the tooth. This solution is carefully applied, and then cured with a UV curing light, that solidifies the solution. Dental sealants work by creating a barrier on the chewing surface of the tooth that covers the hard to clean pits and fissure  grooves of the tooth. This area is where cavities tend to form most often because they are so hard to clean, and even the best electric tooth brush has a hard time reaching them. Dental sealants are not for everyone so be sure to schedule regular cleaning appointments with your dentist and ask us whether dental sealants would be a good choice for you or your children.

Schedule a free consultation for you or your child today and learn more about dental sealants or if you’d like just ask us during your new patient exam.

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