10 Tips – At-Home Toothache Remedies for When the Dentist Isn’t Around

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Toothaches are a part of life. Just about everyone gets them because just about everyone has some sort of dental issue, including increased sensitivity.

A toothache is often caused by bacteria infecting an area of a tooth or the gums around it. It can be caused by tartar and plaque buildup, irritation from smoking and drinking acidic liquids, and not brushing often enough. 

Anytime you have a toothache, you should consult your local dentist. But, we’re not always available for you – especially after hours – so many people find themselves dealing with toothaches morning, noon, and night. 

Home remedies for toothaches offer temporary relief to get you through the day. Until you can make it to a dentist, of course.

These at-home remedies, perfect for when you can’t make it to the dentist, are effective methods for dealing with toothache pain. Until we see you at your next appointment, you can utilize these several ways to alleviate tooth pain

Toothache at Night

Night time is often the worst time for a toothache to start. If you’re out of pain-relieving medicine at home, you’ll have to go out and get something at the convenience store. 

The best way to cut out toothache pain almost immediately is with topical remedies. Medications kuje Oragel contain small amounts of novacaine, a compound that suppresses sensation in the gums and teeth.

The more Oragel you apply – or other topical pain reliever – the longer you’ll experience relief. But, when using a topical medication it’s advised to use just a little over a longer period of time. Already effective and powerful enough to completely numb a spot in the gums, using a lot at once would be a waste. 

You can also use other over-the-counter painkillers, such as Tylenol, Aleve, and anything else you generally use for light pain management. These medications are taxing on the liver, so do not use them in place of pursuing a more permanent fix

Natural Toothache Cure

Increasingly, patients are turning to natural remedies for toothache pain.

People turn to natural remedies for many reasons. Perhaps It’s because the components for these remedies are on hand, or you’re more comfortable using natural ingredients. Whatever the reason, the following list is an effective set of at-home remedies for toothache pain. 

Hydrogen Peroxide

Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide cleans out bacteria built up in the mouth. This chemical is harmless in small doses, and typically should be mixed with water. 

Mix equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide in a cup, and swish around like a mouthwash. Make sure not to swallow any, just as with any other mouthwash. This treatment also breaks down plaque buildup and heals irritated gums. 


The Romans, Egyptians, and more all used garlic as a natural toothache remedy. You can too!

Garlic possesses antiseptic qualities, in part because of its natural acidity. You can either apply a hand-smashed garlic paste to the affected area, or simply chew on a fresh garlic clove. 


Speaking of cloves, this delicious spice is another ancient remedy for toothache pain. 

The presence of eugenol, a natural antiseptic, is what makes clove an effective at-home remedy. Just like Oragel and garlic, you can apply a small amount of clove oil to the affected area. 


Wheatgrass is loaded with chlorophyll, a compound with antibacterial qualities. Make a juice out of it with water and a blender and use it as a mouthwash.


With its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, using a tiny amount of thyme oil – diluted with water in a mouthwash or on a cotton swab – offers quick and natural relief from toothache pain. 

Salt Water

The classic salt water cure is classic for a reason. With just a teaspoon of regular salt in a glass of water, it helps to kill bacteria and break away plaque buildup on the teeth. 

A salt water mouthwash is also effective because the tiny granules of salt can break down food stuck in between your teeth. 


Tea has been used for thousands of years for many things, not least being toothache pain. Many civilizations used various types of tea for pain relief, and you can experience this with any number of available blends at your local grocery store. 

What Kind of Tea is Good for a Toothache? 

Spilanthes – This herb, brewed as a tea, helps relieve pain. 

Mint – Mint tea, like clove, has numbing properties. 

Chamomile – Mixed with lemon in a tea blend, you can use warm chamomile tea as a mouthwash. 

How to Sleep With A Toothache

Going to sleep with a toothache is a bummer. But, you can approach this problem in a few ways.

Medications like Aleve and Tylenol are stronger than natural remedies. You can try using the natural remedies first, and step up to the pain medications if those don’t work. Or, you may use natural remedies all day, and use a painkiller at the end of the night so you can go to sleep.

The most important point is that whatever you do, do not use any of these remedies as a substitute for true dental care. If you’re suffering from chronic tooth pain, contact us today for a free consultation.


My name is Jeremy Rourke. I’m part of a family of dentists with my father, brother, cousin and nephew also being dentists. I won a University of Sydney Dental Alumni prize for being the top student in my year and graduated with Honours in 1971. I have been a Registered dentist for over 40 years. In that time I have created a few “firsts” in my efforts to stay ahead.

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