What You Need to Know About Geriatric Dental Care

  • elderly dental care

What You Need to Know About Geriatric Dental Care On the surface, when it comes to geriatric dental care the news is good: aging Americans are keeping their teeth longer into their lives, and maintaining more of them, too. It’s definitely a victory for the dental health field that tooth removal and reliance on dentures is becoming less and less common. But the state of elderly dental care still has problems, and these are actually becoming more pronounced now that more elderly people are keeping their natural teeth. Dentistry professionals are speaking out about the specific concerns relating to the […]

Oral Piercings and Dental Hygiene

  • dental health and oral piercings

Though fads and styles come and go, oral piercings remain a popular alternative style choice. Lip piercings, tongue piercings and cheek piercings are the most common, but it’s safe to say that any spot that can be pierced has been by someone — including under the tongue, inside the lips, and even the uvula! When deciding whether or not to get a piercing, most people consider the appearance, pain level, maintenance and price. However, dentists are speaking out and urging oral piercing enthusiasts to also take their dental health into consideration. When thinking about oral piercings, dental hygiene might not […]

Are Sports Drinks and Energy Bars Bad for Kids?

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Sports Drinks and Oral Health for Kids Every kid wants to be like their favorite athlete. Youngsters want to dress like their role models, act like them, and buy the same products. This has led to a rise in popularity of things like sports drinks and energy bars — designed to rehydrate athletes’ bodies after a tough match or workout, or provide energy and nutrients to last for hours of grueling exercise — being consumed casually. This is bad news, dentists warn,  health drinks are not always healthy for kids, and the clear losers here are children’s teeth. Why are […]

5 Reasons to See Your Dentist More Than Twice a Year

  • see the dentist more than twice a year

Though bi-annual dental checkups have become the accepted norm, this figure is not—it may surprise you to learn—based on a history of scientific evidence. In fact, the “twice a year” recommendation owes its existence to advertising; during the 1950’s, a toothpaste company called Pepsodent ran an ad which suggested visiting the dentist twice per year to attain optimal dental health. Because modern medicine was still in its relative infancy then, professionals largely complied with this suggestion as it seemed sufficient to prevent serious dental problems in most people. However, today we know that dental care, like health care, must be […]

Is Snoring a Health Risk? Get the Facts on The Dangers of Snoring

  • is snoring a health risk

Is Snoring a Risk to Your Health, and Can You Really Stop Snoring? In the past, snoring was seen as a harmless hassle—a mysterious nighttime habit of the body which frustrated married couples and fuelled sitcom jokes. Today, however, we know that snoring is not as simple as we once believed; in fact, in some cases, it can be extremely dangerous. When Is Snoring A Problem? Snoring, common though it may be, is never a good sign; any degree of snoring suggests that the body is struggling to take in enough air while at rest, something which can seriously degrade […]

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