The Five Best Summer Activities in Port Macquarie

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Summer is coming! Long awaited throughout the year for warm temperatures, outdoor dining, and treasured beach excursions, there is no shortage of activities to make Summer 2019 one to remember.

Many of these activities focus on getting outdoors. Summer is most often the time people take on healthier ways of life because the outdoors are so inviting.

If you’re thinking of being more active, or enjoying more recreational activities with friends, you’re sure to find some great suggestions below!

Hit the Beach!

Most all the beaches in the Port Macquarie area feature pristine blue waters and white sand beachheads. Very much a popular retirement and tourist destination for this reason, our community’s beaches are a great place to swim and soak in impeccably pleasant rays.

Oxley Beach is our pick for the best in Port Macquarie. With equal parts rocky and smooth sand expanses, you can have a pleasant barbeque or discover small wildlife in the hundreds of rock pools dotting the coast.

A Walk in the Park

Along with its beautiful beaches, Port Macquarie is indeed a town of parks. With a robust maintenance programme and close to many beaches and downtown, the town’s parks are a great way to get some fresh air while being close to many amenities.

Wayne Richards Park is our choice for the best park in Port Macquarie. Several sports fields, open spaces, and even hiking trails make this destination a nearly all-in-one experience. Plus, you’re very close to many of the town’s beaches, and it’s just a stone’s throw from the center of town.

A Bite of Fresh Air

Enjoying a great meal with family and friends – awash in a comfortable outdoor setting – is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. With Port Macquarie’s seaside climate and clean air, dining outside here is something akin to paradise.

Our favorite outdoor dining spot is Little Fish Cafe Restaurant and Vineyard, and not just because of the wine. Specializing in an inventive fusion of Mediterranean and French cuisines, the lite fair and an exquisitely crafted outdoor seating area create a truly novel vineyard experience.

Get Outside, and Get Moving!

The best way to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather is by basking in it. The comfortable temperatures also tend to inspire people to get active, which brings us to our next recommendation.

Surfing is at once difficult and exhilarating, but that shouldn’t keep you from giving it a try. If you’re thinking of riding waves, check out Soul Surfing – expert instructors with years of experience help you improve and feel safe in Port Macquarie’s stunning waves.

Walk on the Wild Side

Perhaps one of life’s most exhilarating experiences is standing at the edge of human civilization. What better way to do that than to stare blank-faced at a leopard?

Port Macquarie has Billabong Zoo, perhaps one of the best in Australia. Known for their koala reserve, the whole family can come to learn more about the animal kingdom while also enjoying tons of great outdoor activites!

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Author; Dr Jeremy Rourke, B.D.S. Hons. Syd Univ. Dental Surgeon

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My name is Jeremy Rourke. I’m part of a family of dentists with my father, brother, cousin and nephew also being dentists. I won a University of Sydney Dental Alumni prize for being the top student in my year and graduated with Honours in 1971. I have been a Registered dentist for over 40 years. In that time I have created a few “firsts” in my efforts to stay ahead.

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