The Five Best coffee shops in Port Macquarie

  • Best Coffeeshops in Port Macquarie

The Five BEST Coffee Shops in Port Macquarie

The right cup of coffee – or the right cappuccino or latte – can make or break a quick morning pick-me-up. Along with caffeine, many people seek out great atmospheres for business meetups or to share a cup of jo with friends.

But picking the right coffee shop is a combination of price, quality, and atmosphere, and not all coffee shops are created equal. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best coffee shops in the Port Macquarie area. Do you frequent any of these great spots? Let us know in the comments!

Blackfish Coffee

Blackfish Coffee is an interesting stop for coffee. While customers rave that it’s “the best coffee ever,” it seems there’s more that puts this haunt on the list.

While grabbing your cup of jo, you’ll also notice Blackfish Coffee has local art on the walls and features more than breakfast staples. Also specializing in reasonably-priced burgers, you can take advantage of the artistic aesthetic for breakfast or lunch. Its barebones nautical theme also offers Blackfish a particular take on the typical coffee shop theme, earning it a spot on our list of best coffee shops in Port Macquarie.

Social Grounds Cafe

A clean, simple aesthetic make Social Grounds Cafe pleasing to the eye and creates a relaxing atmosphere for meetups. Also, it’s said that Social Grounds’ incredible take on avocado toast – artisan bread with mounds of great craft ingredients – make this a great stop for a quick and delicious bite.

Social Grounds Cafe also hosts various events throughout the month. For instance, they switched their menu into that more akin to a Mexican restaurant – with Coronas to boot – to explore a different cultural persuasion. For a spot that is at once reliable and versatile, Social Grounds Cafe is your destination.

LV’s on Clarence

Do you like modern, rustic chic aesthetics? How about locally-sourced ingredients? Toss in creative small plates and rich coffee blends and you have LV’s on Clarence.

Reviews prove that the price you pay for incredibly fresh and diverse ingredients makes LV’s on Clarence perhaps the best value for coffee and small plates in the area. Looking more like a hip spot you’d find in Sydney, you get a great big-city feel in the heart of modest Port Macquarie.

Bandwagon Cafe

Feel like grabbing a brew and a quick lunch? Or seeing great music while sitting over a piping hot cup of fresh, delicious coffee? Then Bandwagon is your next favourite coffee shop.

Located in a centuries-old seaside home, Bandwagon tries and succeeds at being many things to many different people – a great coffee shop with locally-sourced ingredients, a music venue, and even a location for stellar draft beers. Whether looking for a great cup, a delicious dessert, or just something to make sure to put Bandwagon Cafe on your list.

Casualties Espresso

From delectable french toast to a strange but scrumptious salmon and egg plate, Casualties Espresso is more than a coffee shop, it’s one of the best coffee shops in Port Macquarie.

Heralded as having the best-tasting espresso around, you’ll definitely want to have yourself a cappuccino or latte. They are also known for generous portions, so the value of Casualties Espresso cannot be understated.

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