The Five Best Family-Friendly Resorts in Port Macquarie NSW

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Port Macquarie in New South Wales is the definition of beautiful. A popular holiday destination for families all over Australia—and a mecca for retirees—Port Macquarie’s pristine beaches and attractive climate are perfect for anyone looking to relax, getaway, and let loose.

As a resort town, there are tons of choices to consider when vacationing in Port Macquarie. Unfortunately, not all resorts are created equal.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top five family-friendly resorts in Port Macquarie. As a beautiful town with tons to do, our fair town is quickly becoming the spot to enjoy beachside environments.

1.   Sails Port Macquarie

Classic and modern. Luxurious and sparse. Value without sparing the best. Sails Port Macquarie, a 4.5-star resort with plenty of waterfront exposure, takes the cake.

Ample outdoor seating and attractively-designed interiors make Sails a feast for the eyes. Awash in white, the clean aesthetic of Sails’ facilities and grounds will leave an image that lingers in the mind in memories for years to come.

Along with a port for yacht docking, The Boathouse restaurant is a foodie’s dream—craft cocktails, an exquisite menu bringing modern and classic to life, and an incredible ocean-side view.

2.   Port Pacific Resort

As far as destinations for family vacations go, Port Pacific Resort almost can’t be beaten. Get your recreation fix at the tennis courts and pools, or unwind in the quiet of their top-line saunas. Replete with a state-of-the-art gym and tons of games to play, every member of the family will find something great at Port Pacific.

The grounds are some of the best we’ve seen. The stone-cast aesthetic gives the facility a decidedly classic feel, and the proximity to Port Macquarie’s centre means you are never far from a night out on the town.

3.   Flynn’s Beach Resort

Surrounded by lush green foliage, the fact that Flynn’s Beach Resort is only a three-minute walk from the beach and even closer to the most popular spots in Port Macquarie means you can enjoy a peaceful holiday while having tons of access.

Flynn’s is an affordable getaway for any family. The large rooms and casual atmosphere means children won’t feel like a bother to other guests. They’re also a short drive from Billabong Zoo, meaning you can easily add an extra exotic experience to your vacation.

4.   Breakwall Holiday Park

NMRA’s locations across Australia’s eastern seaboard run the gambit of recreational vacation sites. Their location in Port Macquarie has an incredibly wide range of options, from unpowered camping sites to beautiful three-bedroom suites with a view.

For the budget-conscious vacationer, there’s incredible flexibility. Right on the beach, and centrally located in Port Macquarie, any and all families will find their own personal opportunity to relax and escape it all.

5.   Ramada Resort by Wyndam

Whether you’re looking for a studio or a grand suite, Ramada Resort is becoming one of the most popular spots to enjoy a summer holiday.

Situated near where the farmers’ markets of Port Macquarie take place, a stay at Ramada will afford access to the best the town has to offer. Along with luxurious saunas and swimming and a pristine view of the ocean, any family will find an opportunity to escape at Ramada.

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Author; Dr Jeremy Rourke, B.D.S. Hons. Syd Univ. Dental Surgeon

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My name is Jeremy Rourke. I’m part of a family of dentists with my father, brother, cousin and nephew also being dentists. I won a University of Sydney Dental Alumni prize for being the top student in my year and graduated with Honours in 1971. I have been a Registered dentist for over 40 years. In that time I have created a few “firsts” in my efforts to stay ahead.

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