Study Shows Possible Connection Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

  • Study Shows Possible Connection Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

There’s a New Reason to Protect Yourself Against Plaque Gum diseases caused by the damaging effects of tartar and plaque have long been a concern for many people. Periodontal disease, if allowed to progress, can result in bone loss and loosening of the teeth. It becomes more and more painful to treat as it worsens; skin grafts or even tooth removal can be necessary if gum disease is not addressed early on. But scientists have also identified other consequences of poor gum health that extend beyond the mouth. A link has been identified between gum disease and heart disease, for […]

New Study Apparently Shows Flossing Does Not Work – True or False

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Does Flossing Really Work? The Associated Press (AP) published (August 2016) the results of their investigation of flossing benefits when combined with regular tooth brushing. The AP reviewed 25 research studies, compiled over the past 10 years, that focused on the advantages of flossing and brushing compared to brushing alone. Their conclusion: Flossing has little or no effect on removing plaque or encouraging healthy gums. Their report highlights a 2015 study that states “inconsistent/weak evidence” of the value of flossing and brushing. The AP also noted that both the 2010 and 2015 editions of Dietary Guidelines for Americans (published every […]

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