Dental Care Tips for Your Child During COVID-19

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It’s all over the news. COVID-19 has shut down businesses, government services, and travel just to name a few. But, it doesn’t have to shut down your child’s dental health. 

In times of crisis, it’s easy to forget the importance of keeping up with a dental regimen, especially when other types of cleanliness are taking center stage such as hand washing. But, it may be perhaps the most important time of all to keep up with all types of hygiene as they are all ultimately related. 

We’ve come up with a short list of valuable insights into how to keep your child’s dental health in check during COVID-19. If you have any questions about preserving those perfect smiles during the epidemic, contact us today.

Child Dental Care Tips During COVID-19

1. Don’t Put Your Hands In Your Mouth

This is the most basic way to keep your child safe during COVID-19. Germs are everywhere, and each time a child puts their hands in their mouth, they risk contracting the virus. 

This is important for two reasons. First, ingestion is a quick way for germs to enter the body and begin wreaking havoc. Almost the moment a germ enters the mouth, it’s too late. 

Second, many homes are using more cleaning and disinfectant than normal. This means it’s much more likely a child will ingest these chemicals by putting their hands in their mouth. These compounds are harsh on enamel, and can cause serious problems for sensitive teeth down the road. 

The best way to avoid damage and infection is to teach your child to keep their hands out of their mouth. You shouldn’t stop using disinfectants and cleaners to keep your home safe from the virus, and most children can learn very easily why they shouldn’t put their hands in their mouths. 

2. Eat Healthy

When somebody knows it may be awhile before they can food shop again, it’s not uncommon to purchase as much non-perishable and processed foods as possible. They may last longer, but many of these foods are bad for your teeth. 

Many people are making the best of their extended at-home time and learning to cook new dishes. It’s an opportunity to eat healthy and get creative doing it, too. 

3. Keep The Routine

Life’s been turned upside down, but that doesn’t mean you should slow down on your child’s dental care regimen. 

It can be hard to maintain any good habit your child had before COVID-19, but with encouragement and leading by example you can make sure your child brushes and flosses as much as they need to. 

4. Keep Your Appointments

If your local dentist office is open, they are completely prepared to offer treatments safely amid the COVID-19 outbreak. While some practitioners will choose to close their offices for the sake of social distancing, those who choose to stay open have undergone all the necessary measures to ensure safety for their patients and staff. 

This means going above and beyond the sanitary standards we at Star Dental and other fine dentists follow every day. And when we can do our part by providing exceptionally safe and effective dental service, you can do your part by continuing with regular and scheduled visits. 

At Star Dental, we take your dental health seriously. Contact us today to find out how we’ve adjusted our practices to keep you and your family safe during COVID-19. 

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