Bulk Billing Dentistry in New South Wales

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Paying for dental work is often one of the biggest questions for patients.

And we completely understand why. At Star Dental, we offer services necessary for overall health. Paying for your services should be the least of your worries, and patients who have Medicare in Australia have an option called “bulk billing”.

What Is Dental Clinic Bulk Billing?

Bulk billing for Australian dental clinics is the practice of sending dental expenses directly to Medicare. Then, whatever amount is sent for payment by Medicare is accepted by the dentist, no questions asked. For the patients this applies to, it is a valuable process that cuts down on the stress of paying for dental and overall medical services, and promotes health long into life. Simply put; when dentists are able to use bulk billing, people are more likely to obtain the services they need, when they need them.

Bulk billing makes it easier for people with disabilities, or have aged into Medicare, to receive the services they need at no cost to them.

Why Do Dentists Bulk Bill?

Dental clinics will choose to bulk bill for a variety of reasons.

For one, it clears away one of the biggest boundaries to receiving the care patients need. It’s no secret that the cost of care is something that causes patients to shy away from necessary services because they’re too expensive. Much like any necessarily medical service, the tragedy of foregoing necessary dental work could negatively impact your overall health.

And no one wants to be stuck in the difficult position of choosing to pay a bill like electricity, cable, or rent instead of paying for a dental bill – that choice is most often clear, and often leads to neglecting medical expenses that can ultimately lead to a better quality of life. Bulk billing is one way dentists in Australia can support continued health for patients under their care.

Why You Want Bulk Billing

If you are covered by Medicare, you will want bulk billing.

Not all dentists practice bulk billing. In many ways, it can lead to lower payments because Medicare is designed to negotiate lower prices to save as much money for taxpayers as possible.

But for patients, it’s a different story. The laws of Australia allow for bulk billing, and that means if you need dental work, you’ll be able to afford it. Many who discover their dentist does bulk billing when they enter into the Medicare system will more often receive those needed services and reap the benefits of better health.

Bulk Billing In Port Macquarie

If you’re in Port Macquarie and wondering if there is a dentist that allows bulk billing, you’re in luck.

At Star Dental, we follow a “patient-first” philosophy, which is why we engage in bulk billing. Our older patients, those with disabilities, and any other number of people who might be on Medicare are welcome to Star Dental because our dedication to your entire health is our business.

Any way we are able to knock down the boundaries to whole-health solutions for our patients guide us on what we should be doing. And bulk billing is a crucial practice we engage in so you – as a patient with Medicare coverage – don’t have to choose between your health and paying the bills.

If you’re a Medicare-covered dependent and need dental services to stay healthy – or to tackle a major issue with pain or infections – do not hesitate to call us immediately. Our bulk billing practices will cover your bills so you can live happier, healthier, and with a winning smile.

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